The Banco Santa Croce in Vico Equense is a marine area of great natural interest. The City is activated to safeguard it

banco di santa croce vico equenseThe City of Vico Equense has unanimously adopted the Regulation for the use of biological protection area of the Banco Santa Croce, a marine area of great natural beauty of the Amalfi Coast. The reason for it and which is to protect marine oasis ensuring a conscious enjoyment and respectful.

The measure provides for the determination of an annual number of individual diving and managing permissions to allow such activities. In addition, it will be expected to pay a ticket for scuba excursions protected marine area of the Banco di Santa Croce.

The underwater teaching instead, will be banned to prevent the inexperience can damage the biological richness of the area, while the guided tours will be allowed to work of the diving centers authorized, subject to certain conditions. These in fact, they will have to be carried out by professionals with patent and to provide for a number of not more than 6 divers per instructor, for a maximum of 12 for each dive.

Navigation of vessels in support of the sub is allowed at speeds greater than 5 knots within the distance of 500 meters from the buoy and mooring and, beyond that distance, no more than 10 knots. For diving activities and tours, will fast track the residents of the territory.