There is no better way to appreciate the Sorrento coast, the Amalfi coast and Capri than a boat tour

Useful tips for unforgettable boat trips to SorrentoThe best way to fight the bitter cold of the winter season is to travel with your mind, to dream about next summer, maybe here in Sorrento, where nature has given its best offering extraordinary landscapes to enjoy with relaxing boat trips, because from the sea the perspective is truly unique, to take your breath away.

From Sorrento there are so many boat trips to venture out. Already the Sorrento Coast, so impressive and majestic, offers numerous natural glimpses of rare beauty. In fact, from the seaside village of Marina Grande to Punta Campanella it is good to have your smartphone or the camera close because there will only be fun with the photos. Among the remains of the Roman villa overlooking the sea, the Saracen towers and coastal walls embellished with lush Mediterranean flora can not but give free rein to the imagination.

Noteworthy are the excursions to Capri, with the passage under the arch of the love of one of the Faraglioni, the caves with bright colors, such as the blue grotto and the green grotto, the village sailor, the lighthouse and the wonderful villas peak on the sea that peek out among the vegetation. In short, looking at the island from the sea is easy to give an explanation of why it is so coveted and appreciated all over the world.

Finally, circumnavigating the Sorrento Coast you arrive at the Amalfi Coast. What to say? the fact that it is UNESCO heritage speaks volumes. In this place Mother Nature gave her best. Do not be enchanted by the sight of this ridge that gets lost in the sea, giving you magnificent basins and tears.
Not to mention de Li Galli, Positano, Furore, Amalfi, Atrani

The boat excursions are perfect for a trip with the whole family, with friends or in pairs or you can choose group tours and make new acquaintances. Moreover, thanks to the presence of skippers that illustrate the history, legends and peculiarities of the different attractions during the navigation, you will be able to get to know the places you will see, enriching your holiday with truly unforgettable memories.