Sorrento closes the 2016 season on November 4 with the departure of the Star Legend, the luxury cruise ship Windstar Cruises


Sorrento inaugurates the month of October with the presence of three cruise ships moored off the coast of Marina Piccola, from which, already for several hours, the tender ply passengers to disembark the curious to discover the beauty of the peninsula.

This morning, to embellish the majesty of the Gulf of Sorrento there are the Thomson Majesty of Thomson Cruises, flying the Maltese flag and with about 1,500 cruise passengers embarked; to follow the Silversea of the company Silver Wind, waving the flag of the Bahamas with about 300 passengers; and last but not least, the jurney Azamara of Azamara Cruises, the Malta-flagged able to accommodate up to 760 passengers on board.

The arrival of autumn in short, does not seem to adversely affect tourism on turnout of the Gulf of Sorrento, on the contrary, will continue to record important presence, not only along the coast but also in the city center, still animated by a number of interesting visitors. This highlights an important finding for the city of Sorrento, but also for the entire Sorrento Peninsula: the tourist season has definitely stretched.

The 2016 season, in fact, will end on November 4, when the Port of Sorrento will sail the Star Legend, of the US group Windstar Cruises, known for its luxury boats.

“Here, where the sea shines and the wind howls,” sang Lucio Dalla, who was also enchanted by the Gulf of Sorrento, to the point of making known its beauty all over the world with the “Caruso” song, and maybe it is thanks to him that today, this jewel of the Sorrentine Peninsula, has such a strong tourist attraction.