The Gozzo Sorrentino, a tradition that does not fear the progress

gozzo-sorrentinoEssential and elegant, with that retro charm that refers to stories of other times. This is what you think when you are in front of a Gozzo Sorrentino Doc, a small rowing boat and a Latin sail with the stern and the bow pointed shape, even measured in Neapolitan spans (a Neapolitan palm counts 26.4 centimeters).

Peculiarities of gozzo Sorrentino is the fact that the bow is distinguished from the stern almost solely for the typical wooden extension that rises, called “Pernaccia” which has a purely aesthetic function even if it is very useful to tie the boat anchor or to ‘mooring. In addition, it was equipped with an odd number of oars, in fact the presence of the Mistral wind in the Gulf of Naples forced manufacturers to equip the boat of one or three oars on the side of the downwind and an even number on the side of upwind to counteract the leeway. Today, however, the tradition has been merged with the progress and modern wooden fishing boats, although aesthetically continue to be as faithful as possible to the original, come with engine.

il-maestro-dasciaSorrento boasts a shipbuilding and seafaring tradition much older, dating back to the tenth century, however, Sorrento goiter, comes later, around the seventeenth century, and it seems that its structure resulting from the reproduction of a boat Saracen abandoned and found in a creek.

Initially, the Sorrento boat, for the swollen main section that characterizes him, was predominantly devoted to fishing, particularly flourishing activity in the Gulf of Naples; today, however, is a bit ‘as the gondola in Venice, or the Sicilian cart, climb aboard a fishing boat from Sorrento is equivalent to first-hand the culture and tradition of the city of Sorrento.

One of the traditions of goiter in fact, is to be tied to the religious sentiment. The bow end of the sailors are wont to put a crucifix that remains throughout the boat life and often choose the name of a saint, which carry an image board, a sign of devotion and to get Their protection during the trips out to sea. However, the saint par excellence of Sorrento fishing boats is St. Antonino, the patron saint of Sorrento and protector of sailors and farmers.

His story is extremely fascinating. It is said that the life of Sorrento boat beginnings a century before it was built, because the wood that is used (elm, oak and maritime pine), is taken by large trees with at least fifty years of life. Once you select the timber needed is passed to its seasoning which, in Sorrento, occurred in so-called “monazzeni”, caves dug into the tuff and airy able to keep a constant temperature, using the characteristics of the stone. To give shape to finally Sorrento goiter, they thought the carpenters who, with a certain devotion, plasmavano wood to give birth to the tradition.