After 138 years, on Christmas night the sky of Atrani on the Amalfi Coast, it lights Special lights for “Star Divina”


In the town of Atrani, a real live nativity scene on the Amalfi Coast, the beauty is renewed in the name of a popular tradition that is unique about the Municipality smallest in Italy, located near the sea by the extraordinary beauty. 138 years have passed since the first time when the sky of Atrani, on the night of December 24, lit up to welcome the star that actually accompanies the announcement of the birth of our Lord, launching a message of peace and brotherhood among peoples.

Atrani, lit with colorful lights to remind the crib, the night of Christmas Eve, at 23.45, welcomes the descent of the comet in a continuous light up with fireworks that leave the beach, go to the homes and come all the way up the hills , announcing the birth of Baby Jesus.

“The Descent of the Star”, so it was christened this long tradition for over a century representing the collective event highlight of the festival “Stars Divine”, devoted to peace and solidarity among peoples of the Mediterranean, the show promoted by the City of Atrani and by the “Onlus Archipelago” Agency under the artistic direction of the psychologist and scholar Neapolitan Giuseppe Errico, always in the forefront on social issues.

The event, so loved by Atrani, from year to year attracts tourists from all over, intrigued and fascinated by an unusual and spectacular tradition that manifests the strong attachment of this religious town that, at Christmas time, it makes itself a crib captivating anyone passing on the Amalfi Coast