Massa Lubrense, the heart of the protected marine area of ??Punta Campanella and cradle of the most beautiful natural reserves, conquers the tenth Blue Flag. The first arrived in 2008

Also for the summer of 2017, Massa Lubrense conquered the Blue Flag, the prestigious banner assigned by the FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) to locations that boast an excellent sea and innovative environmental services.

The sea of ??this coastal commune falls entirely in the Protected Marine Area of ??Punta Campanella, rewarded for the first time in 2008. Since then, for 10 consecutive years, Massa Lubrense has received the prestigious recognition, thanks also to the constant engagement of the association Environmentalist of the Marine Protected Area, who fought for the closure and arrangement of the purifiers of Torca and Nerano, causing damage to the environment and the image of the sea lubrense up to 10 years ago.

Through activism in the area, the association has also been able to combine innumerable environmental education projects involving young people and schools, as well as being able to get rid of it by ensuring coastal, but also underwater, constant monitoring; Has promoted, in collaboration with the Municipality of Massa Lubrense, the collection of exhausted oils and many other initiatives.

«The tenth consecutive Blue Flag is an important achievement that unleashes us – says the Chairman of the Marine Protected Area of ??Punta Campanella, Michele Giustiniani – The Park has always worked in close cooperation with the municipality by creating innovative projects that have contributed to this splendid result. The relationship and collaboration with Balduccelli mayor are excellent. You just have to continue working to confirm these results and improve the quality of the sea and the services offered».

There are 4 beaches in the commune of Massa Lubrense and the Punta Campanella Marine Park that can display the blue flag: Marina del Cantone, Bay of the Sirens, Recommone and Marina di Puolo, the only blue flag waving on the Sorrento Peninsula.