Councillor Massimo Coppola : “The Valley of the Mills is one of the symbols of our city . We returned to the place a signage worthy of the name”

Valle_dei_Mulini_(Sorrento)_1The Valley of the Mills is one of the symbols of our city, so we are pleased to have returned to citizens and guests a poster Illustrative worthy of the name”. These words Councillor to urban and Territorial Marketing, Massimo Coppola , following the inauguration of the new signs of the Valley of the Mills. The ceremony saw the inevitable presence of the mayor Giuseppe Cuomo and members of the City Council.

The initiative was made possible by the collaboration between the Municipality of Sorrento and Rotary International Club of Sorrento, with the intention of promoting one of the most important symbols that testify to the history of Sorrento.

The city was, in fact, originally crossed by three valleys, joined together in Roman times, and the Valley of the Mills owes its name to the presence of a converted mill grinding grain. The waters that came down from the hill and the spring, however, also fueled a sawmill adjacent to the mill. The sawmill had a strategic role in the processing of various types of wood (olive, cherry and walnut) used for the production of unique handcrafted pieces of the famous Sorrentine inlaid. Already the valley was also a public laundry where the women of the people went every day to wash the clothes. The vibrant vitality that took place in the valley is reflected in various paintings and pictures made by the passengers and foreign artists who remained impressed and fascinated by the various chores of farmers and fishermen who enlivened the valley. A picturesque place, made even more magical by the presence of wild nature that, over time, has taken over human intervention, giving a real natural spectacle.