Marina Grande

For the inhabitants of the village of Marina Grande and for all the citizens of Sorrento, 2019 begins with good news. This is a communication from GORI, the company that manages the integrated water service in the territory, addressed to the first citizen, Giuseppe Cuomo, with which he announced that he had proceeded with the assignment of works to connect the sewage system to the consortium gallery of the ‘plant of Punta Gradelle, allowing the final disposal of the water treatment plant of Marina Grande.

After years of hardships, the village of Marina Grande is getting ready for a new Era

For years the presence of the sewage treatment plant has caused quite a few inconveniences to the inhabitants of Marina Grande, due to the foul-smelling exhalations and the pollution of the sea due to the overload of work to which it was subjected that did not allow a full water purification.
A real scourge that helped to write one of the darkest chapters of the Sorrento Peninsula marked by the prohibition of bathing for various beaches of the Sorrento Coast, including that of the village of Marina Grande. After this sad affair, which brought the Sorrento Peninsula on the national networks causing significant damage to the image, the Department of Environment of the Municipality of Sorrento has drawn up a detailed plan for reclamation of the coastline, starting from the regular and constant cleaning of the seabed and of the beaches up to the promotion of awareness campaigns to protect the sea and the environment. Moreover, thanks to a renewed synergy with the Gori, a series of interventions have been developed to solve the problem of discharges and to unmask even any abusive connections.
These operations immediately gave positive results, both in terms of complaints against the “cunning”, and in terms of reclamation of the waters and beaches of the Sorrento coast to the point of winning the Blue Flag award, during the summer of 2018 So this news adds another important piece in the recovery plan of the village and the sea of ??Marina Grande, opening up new opportunities for the Sorrento Coast.

The declaration by the Mayor of Sorrento, Giuseppe Cuomo

Finally, another project comes to the harbor included in the mandate program of our administration – commented Mayor Giuseppe Cuomo – After the flattering results of the analysis of the state of health of the water, which allowed us to extend the request for the Blue Flag for this stretch of coast, the village of Marina Grande continues on the path of redevelopment. Thanks to the synergy between the Municipality and Gori,
even the entire sewage system of the city is heading towards a general improvement, thanks to the collaboration of entrepreneurs and citizens