The Sorrento Coast takes to the field against architectural barriers with the project “Spiaggia SuperAbile” to allow everyone to enjoy a precious commodity like the sea

News on the Sorrento coast with the project “Spiaggia SuperAbile”, which aims to eliminate architectural barriers that prevent or limit access to bathing facilities to people with disabilities.

Behind this project there is the courage of a boy in a wheelchair who has expressed in a loud voice the desire to be able to go to the sea without difficulty. From there the awareness campaign against architectural barriers took place, involving the administrations of the six municipalities of the Sorrento Peninsula, the world of associations and numerous volunteers, engaged in carrying out inspections and bureaucratic procedures to carry out all the necessary interventions to overcome the obstacles that prevent people with physical difficulties from accessing the beaches.

The civil and supportive battle in favor of the removal of architectural barriers, which began in August 2017, led to the realization of the project “Spiaggia SuperAbile”, which aims to make the beaches of Sorrento and its surroundings accessible to all those who are denied a precious commodity like the sea, due to impediments that translate into “insuperability”.

The project also aims to encourage a new sustainable tourism with the introduction of a series of services that are still practically non-existent throughout the coast. In short, the peninsula has finally decided to open its arms to welcome everyone already starting next summer.

This initiative has made us really happy, because we are also of the opinion that the sea should be fully experienced by everyone and we hope that the introduction of adequate services to facilitate the movement of people with disabilities can allow us to expand our services to ensure all an unforgettable boat trip to discover the beauty of the coast.

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