Out of season Sorrento is full of surprises. From Christmas to Easter a succession of events between art, culture, tradition and spectacle


If during the summer is considered the pearl of the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento even in winter retains its charm and remained among the Italian favorite destinations by foreigners.

After Rome, Venice, Milan and Florence, Sorrento is one of the five most visited destinations by international tourists. A city from ancient robe that fits perfectly with a vivacity quite contemporary, rich in art, design, elegant guest-house and boutique hotel.

Sorrento fact, boasts a wraparound historical center, characterized by portals, historic buildings, small churches, all connected by a woven fabric of alleys full of shops and stores, which is completely enraptured by the authentic charm of this area, made up of products typical, accesses colors and intense perfumes.

The workshops of the famous Sorrento inlaid wood to fashion ateliers and unique jewelry of coral and cameos, worked in an original and valuable way, according to local tradition. The best time to enjoy this show is just what the low season, when the mass tourism gives way to that niche and everything seems to acquire an exclusive note, almost privileged.

Events, mundane and traditional, art exhibitions and concerts regularly in the calendar of the Sorrentine colder months until the arrival of spring, as part of the “M’Illumino Winter” festival, sponsored by the City and Sorrento Foundation.

Sorrento’s success is also due to its strategic location. In fact, a few minutes from the birthplace of Torquato Tasso, who was devoted to the main square, is Capri, Pompeii and through the hills of Sorrento you can reach the Amalfi Coast, with Positano, Amalfi, Ravello, places not to be get lost. During the winter season the number of rides provided by the public transport plan to reach the coastal destinations decreases, on the other hand you can choose between different agencies for the transfer service, many of which also allow you to customize your tour to offer a ‘ unique travel experience, by living the coastal all round.