“The sea is a precious resource and as such must be defended” – declares the undersecretary of the environment Micillo in view of his stop in Sorrento for the last appointment with the cleaning of the seabed in Marina Grande


Saturday 11 May, at 9.30 am, Marina Grande to Sorrento will host the last appointment dedicated to seabed cleaning before the start of the summer season.

The occasion will be attended by the undersecretary of the Environment, Salvatore Micillo, with delegation to the Protection of the Marine Environment, as well as the creator of the #IoSonoMare campaign, promoted in synergy with the General Directorate for Nature and Sea Protection, the Higher Institute for Environmental Protection and Research and the National System for Environmental Protection.

The sea is a precious resource, which offers great opportunities, and as such must be defended – declares Undersecretary Micillo – My delegation allows me to be able to work at a time when the environment in general and the protection of the sea in particular , have returned to the center of government action. One of the first challenges we faced was the serious problem of plastic at sea. The Marine litter is a serious problem with serious repercussions on the food chain. In addition to the plastic free awareness campaign, on 4 April the “Sea Save Law” was approved in the Council of Ministers, which will help us save our seas from the environmental disaster to which we were condemning them. Finally the fishermen will be able to bring to the shore all the plastic caught, which until now they were forced to throw back into the water, helping us to reduce the presence of waste in the sea. The fishermen who will become “scavengers” of the sea can have an environmental certificate”.

The Municipality of Sorrento has long been committed to safeguarding the sea in synergy with Penisolaverde and with the underwater core of the Guardia di Finanza of Naples and of the Port Authority of Sorrento, during the autumn and winter months it has promoted numerous appointments for the cleaning of sandy shores and depths of the Sorrento coast counting also on the support of numerous associations of divers and environmental associations.

“We are honored by the presence of Undersecretary Micillo, who follows in chronological order that of the Minister of the Environment, Sergio Costa – comments the mayor of Sorrento, Giuseppe Cuomo – A sign that the commitment of our administration, on the front of the protection of the sea resource, is pointing the bow in the right direction”.

Another protagonist of the Sorrentine initiatives that focus attention on protecting the environment is the director Luigi Di Prisco who does not fail to express all his satisfaction for the conquest of the Blue Flag again this year, a recognition that repays all the sustained efforts during the year.

To make this appointment even more special is the recognition, obtained a few days ago, of the Blue Flag – intervenes the city councilor, Luigi Di PriscoA confirmation, after that of last year, that for 2019 also includes the village of Marina Grande. N0n, however, we need to lower our guard, and continue on this route”.

Italy, with its 7,500 kilometers of coastline, has the need to monitor and protect this great heritage, characterized by light and shadow. In the 64 sandy shores monitored each year by the Ministry of the Environment, in collaboration with the ARPAs and ISPRA, over 770 wastes were found every 100 meters of beach for a total of over 180 thousand beached objects. seabed: the average of the objects found per square kilometer is between 66 and 99 and the record, with 77%, is up to the plastic.

Summer is coming and even the Excursion Boat staff is keen to launch its appeal: ” Let’s take care of our sea! “.