In view of a new hot season, also from the tourist point of view, the Capriamoci Association has organized a flash mob near the Blue Grotto to sensitize boaters on compliance with safety regulations at sea.

Summer is approaching and soon the sea will be populated with boats for the highly popular Capri tours.

This year, however, the members of the Capriamoci Association supported by a group of dancers from a famous school of dance in Capri, on the notes of Jovanotti’s song “L’ombelico del mondo” have created an engaging flash mob in favor of sea ??and, in particular, for the respect of speed limits.

Often the tight rhythms, sometimes even frenetic, of private or group tours pushes some boaters to break the safety rules provided also at sea, to ensure that everyone can have fun and enjoy the crossing without running any danger. The banners that accompanied the merry demonstration, lowered onto the rock wall that surrounds the Blue Grotto, reported the following words: “Go Slow!” – “Boats slow down”.

This location was not chosen at random, in fact, the Blue Grotto is among the favorite destinations of tourists from all over the world and often in that body of water chaos is generated, between boats simply passing by and those waiting for the just turn to visit the blue cave inside.

This morning there were so many tourists present who supported this initiative with applause and dance moves along with the volunteers of the Capriamoci Association.

In this regard also the staff of Excursion Boat wants to express its support with the hope that it can begin for everyone a working season full of fun, surely, but above all safety at sea!