Great satisfaction in Naples and Castellammare di Stabia , hometown of Marco Di Costanzo and John Abagnale . The two , joined by sporting only a month , conquered the bronze medal at the Rio Olympics for the category two without senior


Marco Di Costanzo and Giovanni Abagnale, Neapolitan the first and stabiese the second, led on the third step of the podium the Italian flag for rowing category two without senior.

Giovanni Abagnale, whose last name with a b in more reminiscent of the most successful family of Italian rowing, competes for the Italian Navy, while Marco Di Costanzo is registered Fiamme Oro. The two rowers found themselves together to meet the Rio 2016 Olympic Games just a month ago, but the results achieved clearly expresses their being “out of class.”

Reaching the final was a real dream and instead, the two athletes have won a memorable achievement in the history of Italian rowing, marveling all the experts. The competition could even end with a silver, in fact, its Italian mid-stroke was in second place, but a few meters from the end has been the recovery of South Africa and finished the race with an unexpected third place. Having touched the silver medal and then win the bronze, it was definitely an amazing feat for the two young athletes who have made a whole nation, entering for merit in Olympic history.

«We surprised ourselves» says Abagnale in La Gazzetta dello Sportwhile Di Costanzo adds: «It was not easy , but we have proven to be a champion . I thank all those who have written to us from Naples and from all over Italy to get us their affection and support».

Cristina Gargiulo