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Punta Campanella, where history and myth are intertwined

Punta Campanella is one of the most fascinating and evocative places of the Sorrento Peninsula. This strip of land, that gently stretches towards the sea, is an emblem of the Mediterranean vegetation adorning the Amalfi Coast. Punta Campanella is a chest with precious treasures that reveal the glorious past of this land, it is one [...]

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Everything about the Blue Grotto

Discovered in the world by two German tourists, today the Blue Grotto is one of the most sought after excursions of Capri The writer Augusto Kopisch and the painter Ernesto Fries, two passionate German tourists on holiday in Capri, in 1826, revealed to the world the existence of a rocky cavity blowing on the crystalline [...]

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Fjord of Crapolla , including crystal clear sea and archaeological remains

A hidden oasis in the Sorrento Coast. The Fjord of Crapolla is protected marine area of Punta Campanella The Fjord of Crapolla is one of the most beautiful bays and enchanting of Sorrento Coast. Preserved by lush greenery, this place keeps important traces of the passage of the ancient Romans in this land. The Fjord of Crapolla  fact, [...]

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