Capri Island

The tour towards for island of Capri, takes you to discovery of some of the most famous and typical locations, like the “Faraglioni”, a geological sea stack and natural archway, which “must” be sailed through for good luck, according to local custom.

This majestic rocky archway, carved in one of the Faraglioni, has been the set of a notorious cologne advert, which has made it famous all over the world. Moreover, the island of Capri benefits from a series of naturally coloured inlets, that gives them their names.

Like white grotto, green grotto and the queen of grottos “the blue grotto”. This last one, owes its bright blue colour to an underwater opening that filters the sun rays turning the water in an enchanting light blue colour. The boat trip continues to the discovery of the lighthouse of “Carena” point, the second lighthouse in Italy for size and lighting power; and many other breathtaking views.

After circuling the island, the boat will dock for a few hours, during which a complimentary snack will be served in one of Capri’s most famous restaurant. During this time, you can take the opportunity to visit the popular “piazzetta” with its clock tower, the small street of designers “via Camarelle”, Augustus gardens and Anacapri, the highest part of the island, where you’ll be able to take some amazing photos of the gulf of Naples.

Amalfi Coast and Positano

The boat trip of the Amalfi Coast will leave you truly amazed and surprised by its luxuriant beauty that mother nature has given to this land. Moreover, this excursion will be unforgettable from a cultural point of view, as it will see the ancient ruins of the Baths of the Queen (Regina) Giovanna and the small Saracen towers.

The tour makes several “can’t miss” stops. The first being in the natural marine park of “Campanella” point, populated by numerous sea tortoises and dolphins, which with a bit of luck you might be able to see. The trip continues towards “Nerano” beach, then towards the “Galli”, small islands famous for their shape and mythological stories, which will be part of the tour. Next Positano, with its pyramid structure, colourful houses and a unique charm that will leave you enchanted.
The boat excursion continues towards Praiano and Furore, where a breathtaking fiord is home to a small fishing village, under a bridge where every year one of the legs of the world diving competition takes place. Before arriving into Amalfi, the Emerald grotto in “Conca dei Marini” is a must see! When you reach Amalfi, you will be amazed by its immaculate, relaxing and intimate beaches.

You will be served a tasty Caprese sandwich with tomato, mozzarella, a drizzle of local olive oil and a pinch of salt. After a swim in the blue sea, a bit of snorkeling and sun, your fantastic boat tour will end.

Sunset on board

Our romantic sunset boat tour is the ideal gesture to surprise your loved one, for a special occasion or marriage proposal, to live together a unique and unforgettable moment. Relaxing background music, magical atmosphere and scented candles, accompanied by goblets of prosecco and fresh fruit in season to quench your palate. We will help you to create your special moment for your special person! 😉

Amongst our custom tours we offer a relaxing sunset tour, rocked by the waves, the perfect ending to a stressful and chaotic day.

An aperitif on board with your best mates at sunset, sipping an excellent glass of wine or a fruit cocktail, whilst tasting some local delicacies and listening to good music.

What can you ask more from life? 😀