N’Albero marks 100 000 attendances at Christmas. The Christmas tree, visible even from the Sorrento Peninsula is a success around Naples

nalbero-napoliLike it or not, N’Albero has won the lead role among the attractions of Naples in the Christmas period, at least as far as 2016. The confirmation comes December 25, at 12:00 when he reached ‘ goal of 100,000 visits inauguration. A number that continues to grow relentlessly in the following days, with thousands of visitors, including Campania and tourists.

At night, when illuminated, the Christmas tree made in naples is also visible from the Sorrento Coast, suggesting its grandeur. By day, however, you lose a little ‘its charm because of apparent metal structure that has cost so much criticism, but that does not seem to mind the many visitors who every day live in the plans of N’Albero until you reach the panoramic terraces providing a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Naples and Castel dell’Ovo.

With more than 40 meters high, the building installed at the Rotonda Diaz is clear even from Vittoria Square. Once inside “N’albero ‘visitors can access the circular corridor of the exhibition area, where are located the 15 stands of the project sponsors. The heart of the structure is made by elevator (capacity 20 people), but alternatively you can still use the stairs to climb to the upper floors, where visitors can stay in the dining area, pictured with three different “concept”: the ” Star Coffee “, with front-office service that reproduces the classic-style café; the “Star Fud” (to invoke the word South), dedicated to the “street” food with plates, fryers and the spilling beer on sight. Here, you can enjoy food and drinks in the company of Radio Kiss Kiss, present in the structure which shows live broadcasts of some; and finally, turning around on the floor you get to the “Star events», the restaurant with breathtaking views of the Gulf of Naples, where you can enjoy cocktails and dinner with a menu that satisfies even the most demanding palate: from sushi to organic.

In addition, for the little ones it was set up a mini-game room, so as to enable young and old to enjoy a unique experience. Reached the 19 meters of the hotel, visitors will find the telescopes to admire the view while, at 30 meters, there is the main terrace, from here Castel dell’Ovo with Vesuvius behind seem a postcard picture.