Every Monday and throughout the summer it will be possible to admire the MSC Seaview in the Gulf of Naples, the largest ship ever built in Italy

It makes a stop in Naples, the new flagship of the MSC Cruises fleet that, like a skyscraper, stands out in the maritime station of the Beverello pier, leaving everyone enchanted.

Ten thousand employed workers, 800 million investments, thirteen floors, 14 bridges, panoramic lifts, 5,500 guests, 2,066 cabins, 1440 crew members: these are the numbers of the MSC Seaview, the largest ship ever built in Italy.

The Seaview, sister of MSC Seaside, both built in the Fincantieri plant in Monfalcone, presents an iconic and innovative design that marks a revolution in contemporary naval architecture that privileges outdoor spaces with an external glass walkway of over 40 meters that hugs the ship in full, gives guests the feeling of walking directly on the water.

The name “Seaview” expresses the concept that accompanied the entire design and construction of the fifteenth ship signed MSC, where bars, restaurants, shops, nightclubs are all exposed to the sea in order to offer unique and sensational views. Every aspect of life on board, from cabins to suites with terraces and private balconies, as well as the opportunity to eat and drink “al fresco” in true Mediterranean style, up to the gyms and luxurious spa cabins has been designed to live it in the air open, offering the maximum experience that a cruise ship can give.

There is even a bridge of the “Sighs”, the most impressive from which to admire breathtaking views such as those that give the Gulf of Naples.

Until 12 November, every Monday for 24 weeks, he will stop in Naples, the first stop on his itinerary in the Mediterranean. During the winter, however, the ship will sail from the port of Genoa to reach Brazil.


C. G.