The Lighthouse of Capri, the second largest and most powerful in Italy after the one in Genoa, a must for the tour to the Italian island

Away from the worldliness of the center of Capri, in Anacapri there is a magical place, kissed by the sun from sunrise to sunset, where you are caressed by the sea breeze and you can be pampered by all the delicacies that the Mediterranean cuisine offers: Lighthouse of Capri in Punta Carena.

This place takes its name from the lighthouse that rises above the bay of the Limmo peninsula, which is reminiscent of a ship’s hull. After that of Genoa, it is the largest and most powerful Italian lighthouse, in fact its light is visible up to 32 miles.

Built in 1862 and active since 1867, the Lighthouse illuminates the ships’ routes thanks to the work of its guardian. Not far from this “house of light” there is a fort dating back to World War II, from which many daring photographers, not only professionals, but also amateur, have taken pictures of the horizon really incredible.

Unlike in the past, when this place was dusty and isolated, today at the Lighthouse, just near the cliff there is the Lido il Faro, the most fashionable of the beach resorts of Capri with swimming pool, restaurant and bar. Not far away is Antonio’s bar known for his “Caponata”, a simple but delicious dish of the Campania tradition made of friselle or wheat biscuit, mozzarella, sliced ??tomato or cherry tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of salt, a clove of garlic and a rain of green and black olives. Finally, along the road that leads to the lighthouse is the Malibù bar, where I recommend waiting for the sunset, savoring their famous spritz.

The sunset at this particular point on the island of Capri is a unique and always different show, the perfect conclusion for a day at the Punta Carena Lighthouse.

Booking a tour in Capri with Excursion Boat Sorrento you can admire this fantastic Lighthouse in all its elegance and majesty from the sea and, if you want, you can reach it once on the island. The Lighthouse is certainly one of the most beautiful places in Capri that deserves to be visited.


C. G.