On 8 July the ecological Sunday in Sorrento will be held with many information and awareness-raising activities. For the occasion, the Legambiente sailing ship will be off the coast of Marina Grande

After the celebrations for the delivery of the Blue Flag to the city of Sorrento, Sunday, July 8th, a day will be dedicated to respect for the environment and the ecosystem with the participation of the Goletta Verde crew, the Legambiente boat that will stay in the bay along the coasts of Marina Grande.

The Sorrento Peninsula is one of the 22 Italian stages of the Goletta Verde that carries out the historic campaign of control, information and awareness of the marine ecosystem and the importance of the Mediterranean for the reception policies.

The Sorrentine ecological Sunday will start at 11 am at the beach of San Francesco, where, until 1 pm, there will be games for children on the theme of recycling and on the importance of not throwing waste into the sea. The event will then be repeated in the city center, in Piazza Veniero, from 7 to 9 pm to involve more and more citizens and tourists from the Sorrento Coast. At 8.45 pm, on the parish churchyard of Marina Grande, there will be a public meeting entitled “Fishing for litter: the sea belongs to those who love it”, focusing on the importance of all the operators working at sea. do not throw waste collected in fishing nets.

«This varius events in calendar – declares the municipal councilor Luigi Di Prisco – are the result of the collaboration of the municipality of Sorrento with Legambiente and it has allowed the organization of “Recicla Estate” also this year in Sorrento. The merit of hosting an important meeting concerning the recovery of waste at sea , having as its first partner those who live fishing and having in the background the beautiful Green Schooner. Today is essential to start thinking about virtuous discourses aimed at protecting our ecosystem, trying to involve all the social fabrics that interface with each other to achieve lasting results over the medium to long term“.

Summer 2016 marked a black chapter for the sea of ??the Sorrento Peninsula. The summer season had just begun and the Arpac bathing ban came like a bolt from the blue. The news was spread by all the news and national media, damaging not just the image of this wonderful border held by the sea. Despite the frustration and mortification that the entire territory underwent, the city councils decided to declare war on illicit spills and concentrated on recovering as many resources as possible to leave that sad episode behind. After just two years, the Blue Flag is awarded to two other towns in the Sorrento Peninsula: Sorrento and Piano di Sorrento, but this is only the beginning of a virtuous path and the Excursionboat team can not help but be proud and support these initiatives in favor of our sea and the environment in general.

C. G.