Vetted by Legambiente, the Italian seaside resorts. Good results for the Sorrento Coast


So, as happens at the end of a school year, Legambiente also has to deal with the actions of the administration regarding the care of the sea and coast and Campania there is good news.

Thanks largely to pearls as the Cilento, which is confirmed at the top of the national rankings, just after Sardinia and Puglia, at the summit, with regard to regional rankings, we find Pollica and Camerota, with full marks, ie 5 “Vele “.

Behind them are Anacapri and Positano, which produces 4 “Sails”. As for the town symbol of the Amalfi Coast, the result was also achieved thanks to the fact that its coasts fall within the Marine Protected Area of ??Punta Campanella. Massa Lubrense, after obtaining the ninth consecutive Blue Flag, will confer, as well as Capri, 3 “Sails” from Legambiente.

A Vico Equense, however, have been attributed to two “sails” and Sorrento only. An overall positive result for the localities symbol of the Gulf of Naples.