In Sorrento the cleaning operations of the beaches and the seabed continue tirelessly with the collaboration of law enforcement agencies, institutions and volunteer


The protection of the environment has no seasons and it is our duty to always have a special respect for nature and its extraordinary qualities. Our applause goes to the municipal administration of Sorrento that for some years has implemented a series of interventions aimed at reclaiming the Sorrento coast, including beaches and sea beds.

At the center of the initiative were the depths of the Port of Sorrento, the coast of the village of Marina Grande and the archaeological area of ??the Terme of the Queen Giovanna in Capo di Sorrento.

Moreover, thanks to the Municipality of Sorrento’s supply of a “spazzamare” boat, used in only 5 other Italian coastal territories, it is possible to carry out a constant cleaning activity on the surface of the sea.

Last year, thanks to a synergistic work between the Municipality, the marine protected area of ??Punta Campanella, the Guardia di Finanza, the Coast Guard with the diving center and the numerous voluntary environmental associations, incredible results were obtained: 13 tons Waste was collected from the seabed and over 700 holders of pockets on the beaches of our coast, with the aim of raising awareness of the swimmers’ consciences.

It seems absurd, but cigarette butts are the most popular waste of our backgrounds and not only, apparently, abandoning cigarettes smoked on the beach or directly at sea seems a habit widespread throughout the country. So, in Sorrento during the winter, coastal cleaning operations are carried out, while awareness campaigns against the abandonment of waste at sea are carried out during the summer season. Just think that a cigarette to be damaged requires 1 to 3 years, let alone larger waste in plastic or other materials. The glass bottles, therefore, do not deteriorate as much as they break and over time become colored pebbles that we often find on our beaches.

A little more than a few months from the beginning of the summer season I want to use the blog excurionboatsorrento to invite all those who – like us – are lucky enough to have a sea-view life to be guardians and paladins of such a precious asset, urging them to respect during group tours or private tours, it should be discounted, but unfortunately the data says otherwise.

It’s a small gesture, but if done by everyone, it can really change the world.