A hidden oasis in the Sorrento Coast. The Fjord of Crapolla is protected marine area of Punta Campanella

fiordo_di_crapolla_sorrento_Fjord of Crapolla

The Fjord of Crapolla is one of the most beautiful bays and enchanting of Sorrento Coast. Preserved by lush greenery, this place keeps important traces of the passage of the ancient Romans in this land.

The Fjord of Crapolla  fact, takes its name from the Temple of Apollo on which stand the ruins of the Abbey of St. Peter built in the vicinity of the characteristic inlet. The small chapel still has some traces of what must have been beautiful frescoes. According to some accounts, it would appear that St. Peter has stood in this place before continuing their journey to Rome from Palestine.

This place, absolutely worth visiting, can be reached by boat or on foot, for the most willing and trained, as the small bay, in the hamlet Torca, in the town of Sorrento, is accessible through a path with a spectacular staircase , about 700 steps, numbered with painted ceramic tiles.

A local tradition, on June 29 of each year, the day dedicated to St. Peter, he sees a row of worshipers on a pilgrimage along the ancient trail from Torca up to the Chapel of St. Peter, where it is celebrated the Holy Mass that ends with the festivities on the beach between food and lots of fun.

The route on foot, although tiring, is enhanced by stunning outlook over the sea of ??the Amalfi Coast, which also give the privileged views of the small islands Li Galli, The Island of Isca and Vetara; Praiano and the coast of Punta Penna profile.

Its special location is the strong point of this nature reserve, one of the most beautiful places on the Sorrento Coast, which (finally) it is beginning to show the importance it deserves.