The winners of the second edition of the Fishing Capri Island Tournament is Nello Migliaccio


From the busy nightlife and walkways of celebrities, the island of Capri became a meeting place for all fans of fishing for the second edition of “Fishing Capri Island Tournament”.

Sunday, November 13, in the dock in the harbor of Capri, was held with Bolognese technical fishing contest and English, promoted and organized by Beats of Fisheries, in collaboration with Marco Volpi and Velio Tubertini of the Tubertini company once again sponsors of the event.

Immersed in an exceptional natural landscape, such as the island of Capri, all fishermen registered in the race, for four hours, they are challenged with blows of a fishing rod. Bream, glances, mullet, vogues, salps, gobies have responded very well to the bait allowed by the Regulation, to the delight of those present.

On the podium were Nello Migliaccio, second and third Gianluca Barone Carmine Ruggiero. In addition, the first of the four areas covered by the tender, besides the already mentioned Migliaccio and Ruggiero, Andrea also Toccafondi and Roberto Manfredi, all rewarded with Norfin clothing.

The winner however, has also delivered the equipment of Tubertini brand, as well as will offer the ability to shoot a fishing video in Capri with the world champion Marco Volpi.