Capri beautiful even in winter. From “Capri Hollywood” at the New Year’s Eve in Piazzetta, events not to miss

capri-a-nataleCapri in Christmas dress has a charm of the very special and unusual. Accustomed to admire in its colorful and cheerful as the summer, in winter, when the blue lights illuminate the harbor and the center of the village, the bell tower of square lights up and the streets come alive for the Christmas period, Capri becomes unique and enchanting.

The islanders take advantage of the less busy time to enjoy some moments of encounter in the square, braving the cold wind, to get together for a drink at the tables of bars heated by stoves that wrap in a warm embrace.

Many events that mark the Christmas blue island. Since the early days of December and up to the epiphany you can have fun with many events ranging from music, sports, the fishing competition, to the movies with “Capri Hollywood” and its film previews, until the ball in the Piazzetta as tradition.

Here it is set up a stage with a group of live music and midnight part of the collective toast. After the Piazzetta is transformed into an open-air nightclub with the party going on all night.