The island of Capri is loved all over the world, but how many can say they know everything about this island? Perhaps really few. In this article we reveal 3 interesting trivia

That the island of Capri is one of the favorite destinations of glamorous and elite tourism is well known, but anyone walking along the Amalfi coast hardly renounces a tour of Capri. So, whether it is by boat or by hydrofoil, a trip to the blue island can not really be missing.

Why? Because Capri is beautiful, really beautiful. It has a natural charm and cheerfulness hovers in the air. Maybe it’s magical. A sort of island that is not there, because in Capri every sadness fades, you feel happy and you fall in love (not by chance is one of the most popular destinations for a dream wedding proposal). Everyone wants to go to Capri and be able to say: “I’ve been there”, just take a look on Instagram and see how many shares has the # capri, 2,271,241.

In short, everyone wants to go there, but then in the end how much do we know about the island of Capri? In this article I want to reveal 3 curiosities that (I hope) will surprise you. Ready?

1. Why does Capri have this name?

It may seem like a paradox, but what we know today as an icon of luxury was once known as the island of goats. The name in fact, derives from the Latin “Capreae“, with which the ancient populations called the island for the presence of numerous goats that hopped its slopes overlooking the sea. At this point the story merges with the legend. The goats in question would be the goat aegagrus, the same ones from which Jupiter Egioco obtained the skin to cover his shield. Walking on Monte Solaro, today it is still possible to immortalize one of these exemplary wandering in the valley of Cetrella.

2. The Island of the Mermaids

In addition to the Blue Island or the island of Ammore, according to legends, Capri is also known as the island of the Mermaids. On the other hand it is just one step away from the “Land of the Mermaids” (Sorrento) and the islets of Li Galli, whose origin, according to the myth, is due to the transformation into rocks of the three sirens whose song was ignored by Ulysses during his passage. To feed the legend of the presence of sirens in Capri, in addition to the homonymous “rock of the mermaids” that characterizes the bay of Marina Piccola, there is also a commentary on the V song of Virgil’s Aeneid in which Servius narrates of half-woman creatures and half a bird first lived in Pelorias (Messina) and then in Capreae that with their song bewitched the sailors sending their ships against the rocks.

3. The Dark Cave

Every year, the caves of Capri attract thousands of curious people who immortalize these natural monuments of extraordinary beauty on board of private boats or through organized tours. There is, however, another cave kept secret that seems to exceed in beauty and size the queen, or the blue grotto. This is the Dark Cave, so baptized for the events that accompany its history. On May 15, 1808 a landslide which also destroyed the Tower of the Certosa above invaded the entrance of rocks and debris, also causing the death of three children. From that day on the cave was no longer accessible, but those who had the good fortune to admire it kept on passing on the extraordinary beauty of this place. Among these is the British traveler Joseph Addison who, at the beginning of the eighteenth century, described his emotions: “I was able to distinguish every detail. The entrance is low and narrow, but the cave then opens to the sides of an oval, which from one side to the other measures at least a hundred meters. The ceiling is rounded and distills from every part fresh water, which fell on me, as thick as the first drops of a storm ».
For some time we have been discussing the reopening of the cave, but we do not know if and when this hidden treasure will be brought to light again. Nobody knows how to say it, but perhaps it is better that it remains inaccessible so as to preserve its magical charm.

Do you know other curiosities about Capri?

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We have dedicated many articles to the island of Capri, from the names of the faraglioni to the legend of the blue lizard and I believe that we will not stop here. On this island there is so much to tell, so if you decide to visit Capri or come back you will be attentive to every detail and maybe you can even strut with some friend or friend dispensing news that few know.