From Amalfi Coast to Sorrento Peninsula . Buddy Valastro to rest chooses the pearls of the Tyrrhenian Sea

buddy-valastro-boss-delle-torte-costiera-amalfitanaThe pastry chef, or rather, the Boss of cakes, Buddy Valastro could not resist the Amalfi Coast. On vacation with family in Ravello, this morning took advantage of the beautiful day for a boat ride at a time of the Sorrento Coast, precisely in Nerano. And who knows that in the afternoon did not even make a leap in pearls par excellence of the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Isle of Capri.

A witness to his presence in the coastal are shared shots on his profile company by the same Italian-American confectioner announced the program broadcast on Real Time “The Boss of Cakes”, dedicated to the preparation of cakes-sculptures, the title has become his trademark factory.

Buddy Valastro runs Carlo’s Bakery pastry shop in New Jersey since 1994, and conducts several television pastry programs, not only celebration of his unquestionable talent in cake-baking industry, but often characterized by biographical and funny tones. Through the program “Boss Cakes fact,” Buffy Valastro tells and tells his family, with which it conducts its business. All this allowed him to get into homes around the world and to be accepted as a sort of “family friend” overseas, as far as Italians.

This explains the enthusiasm unleashed on social to the photo that shows him with his wife, Elizabeth “Lisa” Belgiovine, on board a boat with the magnificent Amalfi coastline behind them.