The queen will always be the Blue Grotto, but Capri has three other caves where the atmosphere is magical and the story blends with the myth

During a boat tour in Capri, there is a ritual question regarding the possibility of visiting the Blue Grotto, the undisputed queen of the island that, certainly, deserves to be seen, indeed, lived. Many, however, do not know that Capri has three other enchanting caves, all to be discovered and photographed with your smartphone, to bring home truly unique memories.

Let’s start from the most famous. The Blue Grotto was thus named for the color it takes on thanks to the sun’s rays reflecting in the water through its small entrance. Some historians think that the cave was the private nymphaeum of Emperor Tiberius, connected to Villa Jovis by a tunnel carved into the rock, but never discovered. Yet, if you enter educated, there is a pavement with a vintage cementification along the tunnel that from the emerged part of the cave goes one hundred meters into the mountain. Moreover, this theory was also confirmed by the discovery of three statues on the backdrop of the Blue Grotto that depicted Neptune and Tritone, marine gods of the Latin and Greek mythology. In the past it was possible to swim in the blue cave, but for security reasons it was forbidden by law.

During a private tour in Capri it is possible to visit the Blue Grotto. Near the entrance, in fact, there is the floating box office, where you can make the ticket (cost € 14.00) and get on a boat that will bring you inside. Just a recommendation: “Beware of the head!”.

Green Grotto

Perhaps less known, but it is another obligatory stop for those who choose to treat themselves to a boat tour to the island of Capri. The entrance into the Green Grotto requires no particularity, indeed, it is easily accessible. The crystalline water takes on an amazing emerald green color, enhanced by the sandy bottom, in short, it is impossible to resist a dip and dive!

White Grotto

This cave takes its name from the color of its rocks: an “unusual” white candid. It extends for about 30 meters and inside the waters are divided into two pools communicating through an artificial canal carved into the rock that, it seems, was used as a boat shelter in Roman times. Kingdom of Stalactites and stalagmites, among which there is one that has captured the attention of many visitors. It is a stalagmite that has been created on the upper part of the cave, clearly visible from the outside, which is very reminiscent of the shape of the Madonna. That point can be reached by a ladder carved into the rock that has made the White Grotto also the favorite destination for lovers of extreme diving.

Grotto of Matermania

Its name derives from two very important archaeological finds. “Mater” is for the altar found in the cave dedicated to the goddess Celibe, the Mater Magna of the Romans, deities of nature and animals; while “mania” derives from “Mitromania” from the discovery of a mithraic bas-relief sign that the cavity had been used as a temple dedicated to the Greek god Mitra, who personified the sun.
Among the Caprese this cave is called “Grotto of Marriage“, because the local custom wanted the young couples, after the official ceremony, to go into this cavity as a propitiatory rite.

This cave is not accessible by sea. However, if you want to visit the Grotto of Matermania during your tour on the island of Capri, the route is very simple. From the little square of Capri take Corso Vittorio Emanuele and via Camerelle. From here, turn left and continue along Via Tragara to reach the Belvedere and take the Pizzolungo path. The path will lead you through the wonderful finds kept in the cave.



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