From Capri to Nerano , fans in ecstasy and gastronomy doc for Beyoncé and Jay -Z , on holiday in the whole Amalfi Coast mega yacht of singer

beyoncé-italia-vacanza-The blue waters of Nerano and Capri are coveted even the biggest international stars . Among the many names that have occurred in recent weeks of gossip , it is the turn of one of the greatest voices of world music : Beyoncé .

They were three years that the singer did not reach the shores of Capri where he instead landed just a few days ago on a mega yacht of 57 meters : his name is to one of the beautiful songs she creates , ” Halo ” . In Capri ‘s gastronomic choice fell on the island a must this Christmas , ” Aurora “, which for them had reserved the private room : a less obviously by the Queen cooked by executive chef Franco Aversa who proposed to the famous diva pizza water , a prerogative of the famous caprese restaurant.

In the morning instead of Nerano blue waters where Beyoncé and her boyfriend , Jay – z , have lunch in another unique restaurants , a name that is equivalent to a guarantee : ” I Quattro Passi” .


(Fonte Corso Italia News)