Spotted at the port of Sorrento, Andrea Bocelli reaches the Silver Spirit for an unforgettable gala evening

andrea-bocelli-sorrentoHis presence in Sorrento was fatally discovery by one click stolen near the Marina Piccola dock. The great Italian tenor, Andrea Bocelli has made stops in Sorrento Peninsula to reach the luxury liner Silver Spirit Cruise, where he gave an exclusive concert on the occasion of the gala evening.

It is a gift of the shipping company Silversea for passengers on board the majestic vessel that, in the main hall of the ship, were delighted by the unique voice of Andrea Bocelli for an unforgettable evening.

The Silver Spirit, flying the flag of the Bahamas, despite its imposing size is “a few” chosen ones, hosts, a number reduced to just 540 passengers, offering the ultimate in comfort and luxury to its guests.

In short, between the various stages of the Mediterranean in Sorrento will definitely add value to passengers on the Silver Spirit, which perhaps, the maestro Bocelli inspired by an exceptional setting, that of the Sorrento coast, it will be competed in the classic song “Torn’a Surriento”, giving a moment to shudder.